What You Need to Know About the PS5 Gaming Console

by regina

The history of video games until today has seen many new trends and many improvements. Today video games make up a $100 billion industry, and nearly two-thirds of American homes have household members who play video games regularly. It’s no surprise that video games have been around for decades and in different forms, from arcades to home consoles, to handheld consoles and mobile devices. They are often at the forefront of computer technology.

Video games started in the research lab of scientists. Steve Russell created the first video game called Spacewar!, which could be played on multiple computer installations in 1962.

Ralph Baer, popularly acknowledged as the father of Video games, invented a prototype multi-player, multi-program video game system called The Brown Box that could be played to television in 1967. It was later sold to customers as the Odyssey, the first video game home console in 1972. One of the games later served as inspiration for Atari’s Pong, the first arcade video game.

The North American video game industry suffered a crash in 1983 but recovered in 1985 when the Nintendo Entertainment System came to the United States. They released several important games such as Super Mario Bros and imposed regulations on third-party games.

The first foray by Sony into the video games, the PlayStation, was released in 1995. From that point, Sony dominated the video game market and continued to do so with the release of PlayStation 2, which became the best-selling game console of all time.

2005 and 2006 saw Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation, and Nintendo’s Wii. The Xbox 360 was lauded for its online gaming ecosystem, while Nintendo’s Wii had the highest sales. The current generation of video games began in 2012 with Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In 2016, Sony released its PlayStation 4 Pro- the first console capable of 4k video output. Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch that allowed both television-based and handheld gaming, and Microsoft released their 4k console, the Xbox One X.

PS5 Release Date and News

A specific date has not been decided, but Sony has confirmed that the PS5 would be released in time for Holiday 2020, putting it in direct competition with the Xbox Series X, which would be released around the same time. Releasing it during this timeframe would allow it to launch alongside upcoming AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Valhalla, among others.

PS5 Price

The price for PS5 hasn’t been confirmed, yet the price has been predicted to be $499/£449/AU$749. Naturally, this comes with doubts attached, but it would be welcome if the console is launched at this price as it is only $100 more than the launch price of the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

PS5 Design

It has been known that not one but two PlayStation 5 consoles would be launched. A standard edition with a 4k Blu-ray disc drive and a slimmer, disc-free digital edition. Both make use of USB-C charging for their controllers and can make use of and HD camera accessory, alongside a new PS5 wireless headset and media remote.

With a curvy mixture of black and white plastics with a blue highlight, it is different from the black box designs of previous models.