Snorkeling or Diving? Enjoy the Beauty of the Sea in Phuket

by regina

As an archipelago country, it is not surprising that Thailand has hundreds of islands with amazing underwater views. Phuket is a paradise of beautiful underwater scenery for those who like to diving. Diving among thousands of beautiful fish, seeing a variety of coral reefs, and other marine life does provide pleasure. If you want to feel the sensation of liveaboard diving Thailand, you can rent a tour package provided by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures. Please visit the website at

Phuket is one of the favorite countries for diving. Moreover, there are many underwater spots on Phuket that free of rubbish. So, you can enjoy this rare panorama with satisfaction. Before deciding on what way you will enjoy the beauty of the sea in Phuket, it is better to know in advance the difference between snorkeling and diving.

Same underwater Sports, Snorkeling, and Diving Are Different

Snorkeling and diving are both underwater sports. Both of these activities also include activities that can make you healthy.

So, what exactly is the difference between these two sports?

The most basic difference between these two activities is the depth of the sea for diving. When we do snorkeling, usually we will only dive at sea level. Meanwhile, when we dive, we will dive into the deeper sea. Moreover, scuba diving is a sport that makes you dive to the bottom of the sea.


The equipment used when snorkeling and diving are almost the same. 

When we snorkel, we will be equipped with swimming goggles, frog legs, and snorkels shaped like the ‘J’ letter. Because we only swim on the surface, we don’t need oxygen cylinders. We can still breathe by using a snorkel as long as the tool does not enter completely into the water.

While diving, we also need swimming goggles and frog legs. Usually, we also use special diving clothes to stay warm under the cold sea. Then, in diving, we also need oxygen tanks. This oxygen cylinder makes us breathe through the tube we use in our mouths.

Special Divers

Snorkeling is an activity that can be done by anyone who can swim. While diving is not. That’s because diving is more dangerous than snorkeling.

Before diving, we are also required to take a diving course first and get a certificate. It is different from snorkeling that does not need special skills for diving.