Differences Between Newer Phones and Old Models

by regina

Everyone wants a new phone. The reason for that is not far-fetched as the ownership of a new phone comes with the tingling feeling of joy and happiness. However, there is more to having a new phone to replace the old model. Over the years, you most likely have changed phones with new models being produced.

However, you need to know more about the benefits you stand to gain rather than just having a new phone to flaunt around to friends and families. To learn more about these benefits, you can see reviews about Fonehouse, a company that provides various phone models.

This article will shed light on the apparent differences between newer phones and old models. That way, you will have enough understanding and knowledge about the new model before you make your purchase. The following are the general differences between the new and old phone models:

1.  Special features

One of the most significant reasons for producing a newer phone model is the inclusion of unique features. For instance, the standard phones in town now are those with touch screens and numerical keypads. Before these features, mobile phones did not have these features. People mainly used old model phones to make calls. However, the inclusion of unique features with newer models as time passed makes it possible to do several things with the phone.

2.  Better designs

It is a widespread belief, especially amongst the new generation, that the mobile phones used are part of an extension of our personalities. Little wonder, everyone wants a new model when it comes out. For instance, the latest iPhone’s sale is almost more than the model before the new model. One of the reasons attributed to that is the better designs and features with which the new model was produced.

3.  Apps Exploration

Another significant difference between the newer phones and the old model is the opportunity to explore more apps. With the old models, there were limited apps to explore. The days when phones were the only means of communication have passed. Nowadays, you can make bank transactions, post pictures on social media, stream videos, play games, amongst other things, on different apps.

4.  Mobile Data

Mobile data is also another significant difference between newer phones and old models. With the old models, the mobile data available was limited. However, with the newer models, you can have more data than you need. You also have the opportunity of sharing your data with others. The way to achieve this is by checking the internet for the data plan that offers the most deal. Nowadays, there’s no need to rely on Wi-Fi for surfing the net solely.

Also, old model phones didn’t have an internet connection. However, with the newer models, the internet’s evolution with each model of the latest brands produced. That way, the usage of mobile phones is more comfortable and faster. Communication is also made easier and possible, regardless of the distance between both parties.

5.  Calls

With the old models, calls were expensive as they were charged per minute. However, with the newer models, you can easily make phone calls at an affordable rate. The newer models also have the benefit of video calls and conference calls.

6.  Prices

Since the newer phone models come with unique features, advanced designs, and other benefits that differentiate them from the old models, it is expected that there will also be a price difference. Usually, the newer models are expensive compared to the old models.


Now that you know the differences between newer phones and old models, you can set out to purchase the new model of your choice with this knowledge. Therefore, you may need to see electronic stores’ reviews to better understand the electronic store with the best deal for you.