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The Ubisoft Games You Should Be Playing This Year

by regina


Ubisoft, one of the largest video game company’s in the world, makes great titles. If you’ve been gaming for a while, you have probably played at least one or several of them. Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s, and Assassin’s Creed are the most known and played game series in the world. Taking the spotlight in 1995, can’t say they ever stopped since. This company releases so many games across such different genres, there will be definitely one that suits you quite well. 

   1. Immortal Fenyx Rising

The game was originally titled “Gods and Monsters”, and the developers decided to change it before release to highlight that it’s a plot-based game, not the usual fighting game. Developed by Ubisoft Quebec, the team that also made Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, no wonder they managed to portray the Greek settings so well. Funny story, they actually decided to make this game after seeing a bug in Odyssey where an NPC appeared very big and tall and looked liked a cyclop. Since there were no Cyclops in Assassins Creed, they decided to make a whole separate game about them. I know right?!

To summarize the game briefly, you get an open setting world set in mythical ancient Greece. You get to save the world, fight everyone from Centaurs to Hydras(maybe?), talk with the Gods, and maybe fight them as well? No spoilers. Except that you are actually set to save somebody’s brother instead of the world, but that’s a solid life goal as well. Especially if that’s your brother who was turned to stone. Oopsie. To learn more about this amazing last year’s release, check out this brief and solid read:

    2. Assassin’s Creed: The Latest Or Not So Much

That would make a great title, wouldn’t it? Now we know, there are two groups of people. Those who have already played Assassin’s Creed, and those who are going to play it. No matter which group you belong to, it’s hard to escape playing this game. Or series of games. Right now, you have so many options to choose from :

  1.  Fighting pirates in the Caribbean
  1.  Being a Viking(aka a pirate) in 7th century Mercia (somewhere in England)
  1.  Pretending to be a connoisseur in Paris( you are actually an Assassin, still)
  1.  An Irish American fighting in the Seven Year’s War ( you are actually not an Assassin, but a Templar this time!)
  1.  A Nubian Assassin in Ancient Egypt. Wow. This was cool. About 50 Years BC. Ancient Egypt. Is that enough for you to play it already? For me it is.
  1.  An organized criminal/Assassin in the Victorian Era. England. And you can actually travel in a carriage just like all lords do? Good enough.

Now look, I know there are more options to play Assassin’s Creed. The main thing is, you get to be a badass hero who is fighting bad guys with a lot of weapons, stealth, and a huge open world. That sounds like an awesome deal to most gamers. With the series selling more than one hundred fifty million games, they are kinda popular. Try them out. Here is a fun ranking of the best Creed titles, if you still feel like you don’t know where to start.

    3. Far Cry 5, Far Cry 6(it’s coming, yeah), Far Cry 3, even Far Cry 4, and Primal

Far Cry games are all kind of the same yet are so different and fine each in their own unique way. Anyone who’s played more than two Far Cry games knows that. Except for the original Far Cry(I), it’s still beautiful but not an open-world Far Cry game that we all came to love. So right now, you honestly have so many options to choose from. Even to this date, thirteen( !!!) years later, Far Cry 2 is a really awesome FPS. And it has an open world, a great selection of guns, an amazing narrative which really should have been a book. Or a movie. But you get to play it, so it’s all wins. It’s set in Africa and exploits the theme of the Civil War, a theme we all know quite well. It’s heartbreaking, brothers are fighting against each other, and the country is torn to pieces. It is an old game, but it still feels smooth and super daring. Try it out.

Far Cry 3 is probably the best title to date. It has managed to do everything phenomenally:

  1.  Arguably (or not so much) the best storyline across all Far Cry games. And maybe even all FPS games? That is arguable. Don’t try it with the hardcore fans.
  1.  The best expansion in all Far Cry games, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon could be a standalone game. It’s weird, it’s totally different, and there are aliens, it’s got everything. Say it again- a separate mini-game inside an already awesome game. Play it when you are done with the main story.
  1.  The best antagonist, perhaps in all video games, ever. Vaas is the Darth Vader of video games.

Now, with all the glory, there are still other decent titles to explore within the Far Cry Universe. Far Cry 4, set in the Nepalese setting, Far Cry 5 in Montana, and Primal set in prehistoric times, are all very unique and charming. You should play them also.

Discover, Play and Enjoy the Best Free Games at Gamezop

by mira

The variety of free games is stunning. Regardless of your taste, you can enjoy free online games at Gamezop and play without installing extra software or apps.

Play and Enjoy the Best Online Free Games at Gamezop

Stop looking for Android or PC games and clean up your memory to enjoy the gameplay. Now, you don’t need to install any apps or games. Discover the Gamezop. Unique gaming and social platform, where you can enjoy and test the variety of old and new online games. There are multiple genres available for users, and it is only up to you what to pick.

The Best Online Games to Play Free at Gamezop

If you want to play interesting and exciting games without installing them on your devices, then it is the best time to visit the Gamezop platform and find what you really like. One of the most popular games to try immediately and share it with your friends is Ludo. Here is what you need to know about this game.

Play Ludo Friends and Enjoy Free Games at Gamezop

Ludo Friends is a fundamental internet game for two or more opponents, in which they play four chips all the way according to the courses of one kick the pail. The game and its versions are standard in various countries and under different titles. 

Ludo Gameplay 

Each contestant rolls a dice; the highest score starts the bout. Players, then again, turn clockwise. 

To record a chip into the bout from his yard to the starting intersection, the contestant must fling 6. If the member doesn't yet have chips in the bout and hurls other than 6, the course proceeds to the accompanying member. You can perform this online bout free at Gamezop without presenting any additional applications. 

At the point when the member in the bout has at any rate one chip, he picks the chip and pushes it ahead en route by the quantity of squares exhibited on the dice. Members ought to reliably course the chip, as demonstrated by the dice roll. Segments are not allowed; if no course is possible, the course proceeds to the accompanying contestant. 

Right when it drops 6, the opponent can impel a chip starting at now in the bout or enter another widely appealing chip in his starting cell. For course 6, the member gets an extra or "prize" course this turn. If six is dropped again due to the prize hurl, the opponent acquires an extra prize hurl. If the third hurl is proportional to 6, the member may not take turn, and the turn will proceed rapidly to the accompanying flash. 

Opponents can't complete their turn on the square where they started. If the chip's progression completes in the field required by the enemy chip, the adversary chip returns to its owner's yard. The returned chip can be reintroduced into the bout exactly when the owner hurls 6. As opposed to Pachisi, the bout track doesn't have "safe" squares that shield the member's chips from being returned. Regardless, the squares of the contestant's home segments are reliably ensured, as the enemy can't enter them.

Play Basket Champs and Enjoy Free Games at Gamezop

Another game  popular with many users around the world. Set foot in the basketball court in Basket Champs and make the groups cheer your name in fervor! Can we say that you are prepared for a serious game in which you can join a world competition and score the triumphant points? It’s up to you! Face other national groups and attempt to dominate each game to ascend the ladder of progress as a basketball player. 

Do you like to play basketball? Try not to stress on the off chance that you are not the best out there, in light of the fact that you should be a star to beat your adversaries in Basket Champs! Your goal is to dominate each game by scoring a more significant number of points than the rival group. Pick a group to begin the game. There are 24 groups to choose from, and these groups are isolated into 4 distinct gatherings. After you've picked your group, you can begin playing! The rounds will happen among you and different groups in your gathering. During each match, the two groups can make 5 efforts. If you prefer Sports games - then Gamezop is the best place for you. Find more games like Basket Champs and enjoy your time by playing online games.

Play Bottle Shoot and Enjoy Free Games at Gamezop

Do you like blasting and shattered glass noise? Smash jars, gamble exciting games, and contend everywhere throughout the globe! The 3D impacts in the contest are incredibly cool! Bottle Shoot is bound with exploding the same number of glasses as you get in the settled amount of time. Just in the event that you can do both, will you be transformed into a genuine Bottle Hunt Master! Each round is harder than the previous one. There is a reward level as well, where you can break the glass without impediments, such as bombs and shells. 

On the off chance that you like fun and addictive games – Bottle Shoot is for you! Game standards are genuinely straightforward. You need to toss the stone by swiping your pointer to break containers. There is additionally a combo to get a higher score.

Play Cricket Gunda and Enjoy Free Games at Gamezop

We invite you to a game of cricket. A free entrance ticket is provided by the game Cricket Gunda. Our hero named Gunda is already standing in position, awaiting the best game of his life! Your task is to help the player beat the balls, which will be flying towards him off. Click when you see a flying ball, and the athlete retakes the serve. He will periodically change positions, placing it to the right, then to the left. If you miss three goals, the game will end.

Interesting Spot in Vietnam

by regina

Vietnam becomes one of the must-visit destinations in the Southeast Asian region. This place offers a variety of beauties that serve as benchmarks for tourism in Southeast Asia.

All infrastructure in this region is to grow and develop very rapidly. Tourists can enjoy various kinds of beauty in Vietnam which also affects the wheel’s economy of this country. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists are more interested in Vietnam than in other countries in Southeast Asia. If you visit Vietnam with family and looking for a place to stay Premier Family Hotel Danang Resort is the right choice.

Here are some tourist attractions in Vietnam that make you never want to go home!

1. Sa Pa Terraces

This city located in Vietnam and bordered by China. This place has extraordinary natural beauty.

In addition to a charming green color, tourists will be presented with a beautiful and dense bamboo forest. This place also has Mount Fansipan as the background. Here, you can experience amazing scenery while doing tracking.

This tourist attraction also presents a slope and a fairly steep valley. It is frightening to see, but it will give you amazing memories.

2. Nha Trang

This place in Vietnam presents so many luxurious resorts. (ada yg d hps krna pengulangan)

Not only that, the view of the island and the coastal area the scenery that could distract your focus.

Not only Vietnamese, but residents outside Vietnam also recognize this spot as the gorgeous one, which makes you wonder that a blink is not important.

This place is the paradise of water games. Here you can try is scuba diving, kiteboarding,

catamaran rides, and exciting sailing.

Another uniqueness of this place is the wind that blows very softly. This makes the atmosphere feel so peaceful. This area also has some entertainment that can stimulate adrenaline such as roller coasters, there is also a wave pool. 

Also, tourists can enjoy a variety of restaurants and small cafes. With a variety of delicious menus to eat. What an exotic island!

3. Halong Bay

The next interesting place to travel in Vietnam is Halong Bay. One of the charming paradises in Vietnam that should not be missed when visiting this country.

The natural combination of caves to traced, neat rock formations and beautiful limestone islands, can make your day more beautiful.

Here, tourists can try traditional boats or kayaks. If, you want to go with the flow, join the available tour provide by the locals.

The price to enjoy this place is only 150 thousand vnd.