Booster and Optimizer for Android

by regina

The best app to clean, optimize and boost

Now a days the cleaner apps are becoming more popular among the Android users. All most all the Android users are well aware about the need of a cleaner app in Androids. With the time all the devices become a bit slow and memory less. In order to be free from such situation we must have a cleaner app with us. There are many cleaner apps you can find in the app markets for your Android. Of the numerous cleaner apps, the Nox Cleaner is a wonderful app that you can choose for your Android. It is very light and consumes only a little space from your memory. But the tasks completed by the app is not small. It performs quite a lot of functions which will helps for the better maintenance of the Android. This is faster in functioning like Clean Master or even more.

The app indeed helps you to clean your Android deeply. As well it optimizes the functions of the Android. Plus, all together it boosts your device’s speed considerably.

Cleaning the Android

The app performs the cleaning process quite smartly. It cleans all the unwanted things from your device. Perform deep cleaning of the Android. Very fast in acting. Though it does quite a complex process on cleaning we have to follow only one or two steps. That is just one or two clicks. And the complex process completes within one or two seconds. Very smart.

What are the files removing?

The useless files piling up in the Android are junk files. There are several types of junk files hidden there in our Androids. Most of the junk files are generated due to our online activities.

Some of these junk files are cache files and cookies which generate by different websites. Moreover, when we install some apps, some of the apk files used temporarily for the process stores in the Android by limiting your storage space. These are also junk files.

Plus, residual files remain in the Android after uninstalling of some apps and advertising trash are also junk files.

All types of junk files mentioned above are deeply and thoroughly removed from the Android by this app.

Furthermore, the useless files generated due to social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp are also erasing from the device to ensure more free storage space.

Here, only the files which do not need for the device performance are delete. No need to worry. Important files will not delete through this process.

Improving the performance

The app improves the performance of your Android through several means. An Android free from the trash will perform well than a dirty and an untidy one. So, here the app performs well in a cleaner surrounding. Cleaning memory, storage, cache, ads etc. boost the device performance automatically. One tap. Vast memory freed. The device become light and fast. The performance increases incredibly by following a simple and an easy step. You can use this tool to improve performance of Android TV boxes too. You can use third party app stores like Filelinked to install apps not in play store TV. Filelinked is like AC Market. Instead Filelinked require Filelinked code to download apps you want. You can use public code or your own code if you want.

Saving the battery

In our Androids usually there are some apps that will run on the background. Some apps are high power draining apps. Most of the time there are many apps runs on the background eating your battery. An Android free from high power draining, background running apps can save the battery life for quite a long time. So, in here the app Nox cleaner act smartly in hibernating such kind of background running apps. That means the app is playing a great role in extending your battery life. Without worrying about the battery percentage, you can use your Android for a longer time period.

The cooling of the CPU also helps a great for the above purpose. The hibernating of the high-power draining apps automatically leads to cool down the temperature of the CPU. This too guarantees the battery saving as well as a longer shelf life of the battery.

Managing your Apps

This feature of the app aids you to find the apps that you used rarely. Sometimes there may be some pre-installed apps that you are not using.  These types of files similarly lead to fill your storage space. Finding these types of apps and recommending to delete them makes you comfortable in cleaning your Android. This freeing ultimately primes to a speeder device.

Managing your gallery

The Nox Cleaner helps to manage your gallery smartly. There are some duplicated photos stored up there in our Androids. Plus, some of the images are not with a superb quality. Some can be blur. If you can erase these from the memory, it also tends to increase the storage space. It is very difficult to do it manually. This process makes easier by the app. This app finds all the bad quality and duplicated photos and delete them very easily. Moreover, the app arranges your images in different albums too for your comfort.

AppLock feature

This feature of the app helps you to protect the privacy. You can lock your most confidential apps by using this feature. No one will able to have access to that respective app. This will aid in protecting your privacy. Here you can use a patter, fingerprint or a code as an AppLocker.

Game Booster

By using the game boosting master feature here, you can experience a fast and an incredible experience of gaming with your Android. The device will not freeze at the peak excitement level while you are playing the game.

Act as an Antivirus

The app also possesses the antivirus feature too. This trait is helping you in safeguarding your Android from various threats. The app protects you from online trojans, malwares and from all types of malicious files. This guarantees your privacy and protection.

So, now I think you have quite a fair knowledge about this great and nice tool Nox Cleaner. It is just like an all rounder which acts amazingly in maintaining your device in the optimum conditions. If you also love your Android and want to use it for a long time then you must have this cool app in your Android too. Download this easily from your Google Play Store. Download!! Relish all the profits!!

Nox Cleaner for PC

Now you can install nox cleaner app to your PC or laptop very easily. For this process first you need to download and install nox player android emulator to your PC. There are 2 versions for windows and Mac. After that you can install nox cleaner very easily to your PC through nox player emulator. It is a very easy and free process.