4 Interior Tips to Create an Industrial Home Theme

by regina

Are you wondering about the right design and theme of the house? How about trying an interior design with an industrial concept? In Indonesia, the concept of industrial design is widely used in cafes and restaurants. Usually, industrial-themed cafes have a modern and simple feel with minimalist furniture and neutral colors like brown, black, or cream.

The concept of industrial design can create a modern and futuristic impression. No wonder, owners of modern minimalist concept housing have adopted many industrial designs. But how to realize an industrial style house? Check out the following tips.

Wood floors and polished concrete have a modern impression that fits industrial-style homes

Wooden floors can give a natural impression in industrial home. If you want to highlight the theme of industrial homes that are more modern and urban, polished concrete floors can be the right choice. This floor can create the impression of relief in the room. Both are very suitable to be applied in industrial-style homes. Finding the right floor supplier is also important, Amber Tiles is one of the best suppliers. Visit the website at www.ambertiles.com.au.

Brick Wall is not Only Natural but also has its Artistic Value

Most industrial-style houses use exposed bricks or bricks that appear on the walls as the main attraction. You can be creative by painting bricks with neutral colors like white, to make it look harmonious with the furniture around. In addition to being the character of industrial design concepts, exposed brick also makes the interior of the house look more artistic.

Exposed Detail Ceiling Frame

If there is one thing that becomes an icon of an industrial home theme, it might appear on the exposed pillars or roof frames. Not only the roof frame, the details of mechanical systems such as iron frames, water pipes, or air ducts can also be displayed with black paint to create a stronger impression.

Create Harmony in the Interior with Monochrome Colors

Industrial-style houses rely on a combination of neutral and monochrome colors to create a modern impression. You can use black-and-white or gray and white on the walls, ceilings and main furniture of the house. Monochrome colors can look harmonious when paired with natural colors from wood or indoor plants.

Do not Hesitate to Use Recycled Materials

One of the advantages of industrial home themes is the use of recycled materials which are considered environmentally friendly. Also, the use of recycled materials from used wood, or second-hand furniture used can stimulate the creativity of homeowners to juggle these objects and fit the concept of industrial design. You can also add unique accessories that have a retro feel like vinyl records, small crates, or contemporary paintings that use sleek and minimalist colors.

Did you get the idea to decorate the house in an industrial style? You can find inspiration through old buildings that still stand firm and have artistic value. Afterward, you can adjust to the condition of the house and determine what furniture to highlight the industrial impression of your home.

Having a house following the ideal design concept will create a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.