4 Benefits of Network Monitoring in Real-Time

by regina

Network monitoring is an activity to minimize any failures or deficiencies in network performance. This activity is very suitable to be applied in companies that always use the system in their daily activities. If a company did not monitor the network consistently, a problem might occur. Converged networks such as routers, servers, firewalls, and many more may have a problem or system failure. Without monitoring, you will not realize why there is something different in the network.


Then how to prevent it? Here are four benefits that you can get when using Network Monitoring in Real-Time.

1. Get Notifications Faster

The first thing you will see from real-time network monitoring is that notifications are faster than if you didn’t use it. When there is a problem with the server, you will get a warning via email or other app so you can take further action to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If the problem is still there, it can affect network performance and even lead to chaos on the server and your workstation. With server monitoring, you can respond to warnings immediately, even when you are out of the office.

2. Save More Costs

The benefit that you get from real-time network monitoring is that you can save more on IT costs. As we know, in the IT world, time is money. So, if you can overcome the problems as explained above as soon as possible, you have a better chance of preventing delays in productivity and loss of income.

3. Solve Problems Faster

As described above, real-time network monitoring can provide data in real-time. If a problem occurs, your IT team can deal with it quickly without waiting for the problem to get worse. The accuracy of the data provided can make problem-solving much easier.

4. Analyze Problems By Viewing History

A History database in the network is valuable to the company. When monitoring the network in real-time, you can also find problems that occurred in the past to improve hardware or software as needed.


Those are the benefits you can get from using real-time network monitoring. So, if you need IT services that include monitoring networks, then CCNA is the right choice. You can contact them today on +61 8 7129 0017.