Useful Tips for Finding Job for a Fresh Graduate

by regina

Congratulations on your first degree! Welcome to the real world, the world of work. It’s time for you to apply what you have learned for about four years on the lecture.

Looking for work is not easier. You have to compete because many rivals have also just graduated. Your status with them is the same, namely fresh graduates who don’t have any experience in the world of work. Therefore, you must act more than them, be more aggressive in finding a job!

Who doesn’t want to work right after graduating? The following are tips for finding a job for fresh graduates.

1. Know Your Potential

Studying doesn’t necessarily make people automatically know their true desires and abilities. Therefore, find out what is your passion and real expertise. It is incredible if your hobby can be used as a money-producing field.

2. Take advantage of Job Seekers Applications

If you can not only find work offline, you can use several websites to help you find employment. The official website and application will also provide information on what criteria are being sought by the company. For example, like Criterion Recruitment Company Bangkok, visit the site at

3. Use a Good E-mail Address

The E-mail address is crucial to get attention. Do not let you apply for work through e-mail addresses that are not your name.

There are still people who overestimate e-mail addresses. Make an e-mail address that matches your name.

4. Picky is OK, But Don’t Be Too Picky!

You are free to choose where you want to work and are free to determine what jobs you want to get. However, do not let you close yourself to bigger opportunities.

Apply for several jobs from several companies to be an alternative when the company being targeted rejects you. It is also intended to save time waiting to receive calls from related companies.