Tourist Attractions in Yangon that Must be Explored Immediately

by regina

If you have a plan for a vacation to Yangon, don’t ask about its beauty, this city offers quite a lot of tour choices of beautiful places for you to visit. All this time, Yangon rarely sounds like a good place for a vacation, but in reality, Yangon has many cool natural tourist attractions that can compete with Thailand, Singapore or any other country. Before discussing the place that we will recommend to you, here we present to you the best lodging accommodations in the city of Yangon. Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye is the best Apartment for rent Yangon. Add more comfort and convenience to your visit to Yangon when you stay in a One Bedroom Studio Apartment. Spread yourself out over 48 sqm of open space – complete with two twin beds or one king bed, a work desk, a cozy area for lounging and dining, and an open balcony.

Now, here are some Attractions in Yangon that you must immediately explore:

Kandawgyi Nature Park

This tourist attraction which in the form of a park, is located not far from Shwedagon Pagoda. Like the Maha Bandoola Park, this place is visited by locals and foreign tourists on weekends.

In this area, you can not only make Shwedagon Pagoda as a background, you can also enjoy the enchanting water of Lake Kandwgyi with its greenish water. If you are lucky to come when karaweik hall, you can see performances and join with residents and other tourists to enjoy the show.

Sunset on the Yangon River

One of the places where you can get interact with residents is the Yangon River. This tourist attraction in Yangon is become the most searched location from tourists around the world who want to see the amazing sunset.

You can immediately enjoy the sunset from the pier on the banks of the Yangon river. There are many things to enjoy in this area besides the sunset. There are many locals residents do activities in pier, thousands of pigeons and crows that enliven the atmosphere, as well as ships that sailor pulls over at the pier. All of them can be a good view to capture in a photo.

Instead of just sitting and walking around looking around, we recommend you enjoy the sunset with a cruise ship. There are several cruise ships n the pier. The price of one ride is only USD 25 on a normal day and USD 30 on a holiday or weekend. So, instead of just coming, seeing, then leaving, you can create meaningful memories.

Tips for walking around tourist attractions in Yangon

Wear Polite Clothes

You are obliged to wear polite clothes, especially when entering the Shwedagon or Yangon pagoda because the place is a place of worship. There are procedures for clothing that you must obey, including for women, it is prohibited to wear tank tops while entering the Yangon Pagoda area, and for men, it is prohibited from wearing shorts.