Tips on Designing a Leakproof House Roof

by regina

Roof is part of the building that has a very important role to protect the house from the heat of the sun and snow when winter arrives. One of the most common problems with roofing is leakage.

To avoid this problem, some things must be considered when creating the roof design. Do not just focus on beauty and aesthetics, remember to focus on safety.

1. Construction and Horses

The first thing to consider when creating a roof design is construction and the horses. Choose a stone roof that is equipped with a strong lock system. So when winter comes, the risk of tile sagging can be minimized.

It will be better if you know the direction where the wind often appears in the area your house is located. The purpose of this idea is to help you arrange the roof that comes after the wind direction. If you are looking for slate roof repairs Sydney services, you can contact Southern Cross Roofing at + 61 (02 9477 7961).

2. Avoid the Use of Gutters

For the second tip, try not to use a gutter. Keep in mind, leak cases are usually more common in this section. The main cause is because the gutter is a place close to garbage can, so the water is clogged. The gutter is made of zinc, the risk of leakage is higher since it is easy to rust.

3. Choose the Roof Design

The most recommended roof design is a horse gable roof. This design style has a special advantage. When snow comes, it can fall directly downward. Also, this design concept is very suitable to be applied in areas where the wind direction comes from two directions.

Another alternative to the horse-gable is using a shield roof design because it is very good to use in areas where the wind often comes from all directions. Making the dividing roof style does require high costs. But the construction strength is very good and more resistant to wind.

The next design choice that is also recommended is the cross saddle. Although this roof model still uses gutters, the gutters have only a small size and can flow snow quickly downward. This kind of roof model is very appropriate to be used in houses that have an ‘L’ shape.

4. The Size of the Tilt Angle

Focus on creating a good look, many people forget that the size of the tilt angle when making roof designs. Even though the construction is correct, if the tilt angle is wrong, your house will easily experience leakage.

Australia has four kinds of seasons namely are Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter. So, to speed up the process of snow falling from the tile towards the bottom, the best slope angle in the roof construction is around 30 to 40 degrees. Don’t make less than that, if you did so, the roof will leak easily.