Interesting Spot in Vietnam

by regina

Vietnam becomes one of the must-visit destinations in the Southeast Asian region. This place offers a variety of beauties that serve as benchmarks for tourism in Southeast Asia.

All infrastructure in this region is to grow and develop very rapidly. Tourists can enjoy various kinds of beauty in Vietnam which also affects the wheel’s economy of this country. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists are more interested in Vietnam than in other countries in Southeast Asia. If you visit Vietnam with family and looking for a place to stay Premier Family Hotel Danang Resort is the right choice.

Here are some tourist attractions in Vietnam that make you never want to go home!

1. Sa Pa Terraces

This city located in Vietnam and bordered by China. This place has extraordinary natural beauty.

In addition to a charming green color, tourists will be presented with a beautiful and dense bamboo forest. This place also has Mount Fansipan as the background. Here, you can experience amazing scenery while doing tracking.

This tourist attraction also presents a slope and a fairly steep valley. It is frightening to see, but it will give you amazing memories.

2. Nha Trang

This place in Vietnam presents so many luxurious resorts. (ada yg d hps krna pengulangan)

Not only that, the view of the island and the coastal area the scenery that could distract your focus.

Not only Vietnamese, but residents outside Vietnam also recognize this spot as the gorgeous one, which makes you wonder that a blink is not important.

This place is the paradise of water games. Here you can try is scuba diving, kiteboarding,

catamaran rides, and exciting sailing.

Another uniqueness of this place is the wind that blows very softly. This makes the atmosphere feel so peaceful. This area also has some entertainment that can stimulate adrenaline such as roller coasters, there is also a wave pool. 

Also, tourists can enjoy a variety of restaurants and small cafes. With a variety of delicious menus to eat. What an exotic island!

3. Halong Bay

The next interesting place to travel in Vietnam is Halong Bay. One of the charming paradises in Vietnam that should not be missed when visiting this country.

The natural combination of caves to traced, neat rock formations and beautiful limestone islands, can make your day more beautiful.

Here, tourists can try traditional boats or kayaks. If, you want to go with the flow, join the available tour provide by the locals.

The price to enjoy this place is only 150 thousand vnd.