Flashback of Land Rover Defender from Time to Time

by regina

The Land Rover Defender 2020 is transformed into a luxury SUV. However, Land Rover ensures that the Defender 2020 still has impressive off-road capabilities. Land Rover Defender 2020 has been released and its appearance is changed significantly. The off-road car is now transformed into a luxury SUV, with all-terrain tires. If you are looking for a Land Rover Defender 2020, you can buy it at Nene Overland. Nene Overland provides affordable Land Rover Defender used cars sale.

It is not only Defender 2020 that has changed significantly. Over 70 years, the Defender always get significant changes. The following are changes in Defender from time to time:

Kilas Balik Land Rover Defender dari Masa ke Masa

Land Rover Series I

Rover Company face big problems in the past such as World War II, at the time, Europe is in a chaotic condition that makes people pay less attention to luxury cars, like the Rover.

Inspired by Jeep Willys, the company developed the first Land Rover, which was originally intended for 4WD agricultural vehicles with steel chassis and aluminum iron. In 1948, the car was manufactured and transformed into the Land Rover Series I until 1958.

Kilas Balik Land Rover Defender dari Masa ke Masa

Land Rover Series II

Series II was born in 1958. Exterior design, headlight, and boxing style are still the same as Series I, but not as sharp as before. For the first time, the door and rearview mirror were fixed.

Land Rover Series III

In 1971, Land Rover released Series III. The headlights shift from the grille to the front bumper. This detail distinguishes Series III from previous generations.

Land Rover also synchronizes the design of the gearbox, the instrument cluster used to behind the steering wheel, now it is on the center of the dashboard. In 1979, a model with a V8 engine was also introduced.

Kilas Balik Land Rover Defender dari Masa ke Masa

Land Rovers 90 and 110

The Land Rover One-Ten and Land Rover Ninety were present in 1983. This model marked the first time Land Rover used a spring suspension instead of tweezers like the old model. In these models, components and engines were also significantly upgraded.

Land Rover Defender

The name Defender was only pinned in 1990 after the launch of Land Rover Discovery in 1989. Land Rover wants to distinguish the old and new versions. This new defenders were sold in the United States from 1993 to 1997. The versions of 110 and 9, rarely changed until 2007. The last defender was produced in January 2016.

Land Rover Defender L663

Land Rover Defender 2020 is completely new. Having a code name L663, Defender 2020 uses an aluminum unibody platform from Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and Land Rover Discovery.

This new SUV no longer uses the traditional active axle suspension system. But using a multi-connection arrangement between the front and rear axle. Even so, the British manufacturer promises that the Defender 2020 still has impressive off-road capabilities.