Fantasy Football-A Legal and Entertaining Way To Earn Cash And Have Enjoyment


 Fantasy football is a great way to relish the real football with no physical effort involved. One will get a full feel of the real match because one will choose and build a team who will be scoring the points on the behalf of the user. The whole concept will be based upon statistics of the game. These kinds of platforms also provide different kinds of formats from which the users can choose and play accordingly. A lot of people have a craze of the game in India and this craze is rising day by day. A lot of people are becoming aware of the game and fantasy games. This has provided a good platform to improve decision-making skills and earn a good amount of money side-by-side.

 These platforms are completely responsible for improving the knowledge and skills of the individuals and providing them with the best journey of the game of football.

 Following is the process to play fantasy football online:

 Initially, the users have to register themselves on these platforms. After the registration process has been done then they have to select a particular match and then click on the join now button. Then the users are supposed to make a team of 11 players within the specific budget which has been provided by the platform to them. The budget provided by the platform is about 1000 gems. Then the users have to choose the star as well as captain player of the team because they will help to fetch more points than the normal players. Various strategies are to be formulated once the match begins. These strategies will help to fetch various points depending upon the performance of the actual players. After the end of the match, the winners will be declared and in this way, one will have an idea about the whole process.

 Apart from increasing the football-related knowledge the users and also been various kinds of prizes like cashback and discount coupons of various platforms. The people will also help to develop a sense of responsibility and managing a particular team. The leadership skills will be enhanced and the users will be able to make better decisions in their day to day operations of life. The individuals can also get the bank account linked with these platforms so that one can withdraw the money as and when required. Another good feature of such platforms is that they provide the option of referral bonus which will ensure a lifetime income to the individual. Various other kinds of services like free pot Is also available to the users which they can avail by constantly using the app.

 The application can be downloaded very easily by just clicking on the link and then downloading it. The individuals can visit the official website of the platform and then download the particular application. The application will get download it on the device in APK format. The particular application will not take much space on the device and will also help to increase its speed. The whole concept is highly efficient and supports all kinds of android devices. In some of the cases, automatic installation does not start and one has to go through various permissions so that the application can be installed on the device.

 The next step to play the game is to choose the 11 players for a particular team. These 11 players can include a minimum of one and maximum of three forwards. It also must include a minimum of three and maximum of five midfielders and defenders. There can be only one goalkeeper in a team and all these decisions are to be made within the specified budget provided by the platform. After that, the decision of choosing the star player and the captain has to be made. As per the rules of the game, one can choose only seven players from a single team and a lot of skill is required to manage this team of 11 players. Then the individuals will receive the score depending upon the pattern. Once one has prepared the whole team then one is ready to join the match and play it easily. Different types of weekly tasks are also available for the users from which they can receive a good amount of points as well as money.

 The scoring pattern of the game has been mentioned as follows:

 For attacking: The team will receive nine points for each goal which has been scored by a goalkeeper. There will be eight points for each goal scored by the defender and seven points for the midfielder. There will be 10 points for a team regarding each goal which has been scored by a forward. Five points will be there for each goal assist and one point will be there for two shots on the target. The team will receive -5 points for each miss of penalty.

 For defence: The team will be receiving -1 points for two fouls committed, one point for two saving, one point per two clearance, 1 point per two blocks and seven points for each save of penalty. There will be six points for the clean sheet by a goalkeeper and four points for the clean sheet by a defender. The team will receive three points for a clean sheet by the midfielder.

 The bonus points: There will be four points for being a part of playing 11, one point for coming as a substitute, one point for playing more than 60 minutes. The team will get -2 points for Yellow card, -4 points for the red card and -5 points for own goal. There will be six points for a hat-trick and two points for a bonus point each. There will be -2 points for conceding more than three goals. The team will get 1 point for fair play and 1 point for the team with the maximum position. There will be two points for passes with an accuracy of 60% or more.

Hence the users have to formulate various strategies and implement them efficiently so that one can plan accordingly and score a good amount of points. So, fantasy football league is a great way to enjoy and earn side-by-side.