DU Recorder APK | Screen Recording with Live Gaming

by regina

This is a type of a screen recorder that could be used to record. Mainly there are two qualities. The du recorder is a more stable recorder while it has a high quality. Even this is especially for all android devices and it would make it easier to record anything that took place on the screen more easily and smoothly. The du recorder would help you to get a clear recorder from your screen. By this amazing screen recorder, you could be able to record a game that you are playing any other important task. 

What is DU Recorder?

The du recorder has its own features like a well-reputed screen recorder. By this screen recorder, any situation that you wanted could be captured. The main task here is the recording of the screen. That is the main task here. Even though that is a video editor that has no need for rooting. That means it doesn’t want to root the device in order to work with the du recorder. Utilizing the du recorder the users of the app could get screen records of the following things such as video games, live shows, and calls too. 

However, the du recorder app makes it super easy to work with on your own device. There are more advantages and even disadvantages that could be obtained by this type of app. As soon as possible let us pay our attention to them. 

Then the following factors may help a person with the expectation of downloading this precious app. The du recorder can be known as an app that can be categorized as a free video player and editors app. 

The latest version of it is If the reader has any desire to work with the app, there have to be some requirements completed. That person has to be with a device along with the android version of 5.0 and upwards. Those above are the basic facts related to the du recorder app. Then after the movement to its specific features and functions are required. 

Features of the du recorder 

  • Time limit and rooting 

There is no specific time limit assigned with this du recorder. Therefore you can record anything without any time. The recording time may be extended up to many hours. The other one is the rooting of the device. In order to work with the app, you need not root your device too. 

  • High-quality Video Options 

  This is not a normal video app. The app will supply you with more screen recording along with the high quality. Examples for the du recorder will supply you with the videos on the quality of 1080p,60 FPs, and 12 Mbps.

  • Multiple Languages 

Here the app lets all users work with the app. The user does not matter where he is from. There is multiple language support to the procedure of the app. There are over 20 languages supported for this recorder. 

  • Stable Recording 

This is the most specific feature of the du recording app. Always it provide us with a perfect recording. The resolution and the frame rate could be adjusted in accordance with the recording that you want. The required frame rate is even selected as your desire. The HD formats are supported by this app. When you need you can resume or else pause the recording. While recording the screen the person who is using this app is able to record the other external sounds with that. While recording the video you are able to enable the front camera of the device. While recording keep that on a floating window or else you are able to control them by notification bar. 

  • Video Editor 

This is not only a screen recorder. By this du recorder you are allowed to edit the video that you are recording. If it is too long you can trim and cut the video. Merge any video that has been recorded and if you want to add music or song in the background that is allowed by the du recorder app. 

The given above facts are about the all specific features of the app. If you are a person who would like to work with the app, the facts given here are useful. Then start to work with the app now onwards.