5 Tips on Choosing Boots for Motorcycle Rider

by regina

Boots have become familiar with motorcycle riders because these types of shoes offer the protection and endurance they need when riding on the streets, but still stylish to use in the offices or malls.

On choosing multipurpose boots, motorcycle riders need to pay attention to several characteristics, one of them is about the right size of boots to ensure the selected shoes protect and help in riding safely. As in the Wheels Clothing store, they provide motorbike boots size 9  that can be used in any road conditions or weather. Here are the following tips on choosing boots.

1.Thick Skin

Leather boots have varying thicknesses. For motorbike riders, for the motorcycle rider is better to use boots made of thick and flexible leather. This allows the motorcycle rider to move their feet freely and get proper protection. The thick skin that is not easily torn will protect riders from scratches and bruises if they crash or exposed sharp objects when driving.

2. Rubber with a Strong Grip

Motorcycle riders will need boots that “gripping” the footrests as tightly as the grip on the road. Rubber sole, like lug sole, with perfectly shaped edges, offering a strong grip on the slippery roads because of water or oil, make the motorcycle rider stay safe. Besides, soles are needed to protect the foot from stepping on the sharp objects on the road.

3. Boots Body Sewn to the Shoe Sole

Another good feature of boots is when the body of the shoe is sewn firmly to the sole, not just glued. This is a very important feature to ensure that boots do not tear at the bottom when the driver accidentally fell from his vehicle. The sewn bottom also helps the durability of the shoe and allows the user to use it for years.

4. The Hardiness Material in All Weather

The Boots worn by motorcycle riders must keep their feet dry in any weather conditions. Boots should be waterproof even though they are made of polished leather, suede can protect the feet when it rains or when accidentally stepping on a puddle. At the same time, boots must be well ventilated so that the feet can still breathe even though the weather and the road are hot.

5. Strong Shoelaces

Boots are tightened in various ways, mostly with shoelaces, although some use buckles. For motorcycle riders, shoelaces offer several advantages. First, they can be loosened or tightened, especially when motorcycle riders wear socks.